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Advertising while in traffic or Visiting a customer is the most cost effective advertising impression. Your company will get noticed with our creative high quality, high resolution graphics. Our design staff creates unique graphics for your vehicle wrap. We will print your eye-catching graphics With our in House Roland large format printers. All of our Installations are also done in house with our certified installers.

Car wrapping is a favorable alternative to painting, and a lot more and it is the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car design. You can equip your car not only with your specific color request or attach full-scale advertising images, but also save you money and preserve the value of your vehicle. This time, the color variations are incredibly varied and if you desire a particular fancy, we can make great accents with special effect with foils like pearl, metallic, imitation of leather, scraped (matte) Aluminum, 3D Carbon, Chrome, Chameleon, Metallic.

Wrapping vs Painting

The advantage of a wrapping over a painting, is not necessarily on price. The main task of wrapping is to allow a temporary color change. The original idea for the first wraps was to bring full-scale advertising of digital printings on vehicles and remove them again. Later, taxi's and other companies vehicles, which should be uniform in color, were completely wrapped with foil to avoid the cost of special paint finishes.

Now more and more users in the private sector getting interested on full wraps. As an individual color or effective design has its charms. In addition to the wide range of colors and the extensive possibilities of variation, the film is also like a second skin for the vehicle, which protects the original paint from everyday traces and slight scratches and stone damages. Which means that the value of the vehicle is maintained. Especially for exclusive vehicle models an interesting aspect, as repaint (even if it is an extravagant color) represents there a significant loss of value.


Surrender Graphix can design, print and install unique vinyl graphics for your store front. We can add lettering that provides information, address, phone numbers and hours of operation. We can make your store front get noticed with a one of a kind design. Window designs can be printed on a wide variety of materials. The outside material is opaque and can be printed with unique graphics that can make your company stand out from your competition.

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